Jerry Brook - Writer

Relationships are difficult...

Relationships, we all have them. Some are long, some are short, some are superficial, some are meaningful, some are inconsequential, some are intense, and some are good, and some are bad.

This is Good Together. The purpose of this site is to give people better information about relationships. What they are, and what they aren’t, how to get them, how to evaluate them, how to maintain them, and yes, if necessary how to end them (not all, or every, relationship is Good Together).

When people have problems one of the first things that they do is ask others for help; family, friends, and the experts.

There is more than enough; advice, conventional wisdom, and information, in the world to have solved every kind of relationships dilemma. So why is it that there continues to be so many relationship problems? The answer to that question has less to do with the user of the information and more to do with the information itself. In other words, if the existing advice, conventional wisdom, and information, were of use we would all have wonderful relationships, but we don’t, so it isn’t.

It’s simple how can you be expected to have a relationship when you not only don’t have the correct information, but you are actually getting incorrect information. In other words, what good is it for people to claim to get you a relationship if you, and they, don’t know what relationships are about. It’s a little like promising to find you the perfect car, and not knowing if you can drive or not, what good is that?

Good Together is about all types of relationships, not just one kind. It is about all phases of relationships, not just the beginning.


About Me

I’m a Control System Specialist —I’ve spent my career defining and configuring computer systems for oil and gas refineries and chemical plants. I’ve devoted years to studying Artificial Intelligence, which led me to the field of decision making. What I found is that people aren’t taught to make decisions in their everyday life — most “decisions” are personal. That prompted me to study people, their personalities, and what drives their decisions, and to reflect on my own decisions and personal relationships. I put together my research into my book, Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships. I have created a companion website to my book "". As “The Good Together Guru”, I want people to strengthen their relationships so that they’re truly “good together.”